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Bella Familia Wood Fired Pizza


Organically grow local following and create awareness of the brand and product during the pandemic.


Create new assests including a reoccuring weekly calendar post that displayed when and where the food truck would be at any given time.

Produce video content that displayed our week to week lives in the business and informative videos for take home products.

Promote the efforts of the community throughout the pandemic that displayed gratitude and togetherness.


Doubled followers and increased overall engagement and awarenss.


Created new customer loyalty. Many customers await Bella Familia's weekly schedule post so they can plan when they will come find the pizza truck.

Majority of followers came from the local area from which Bella Familia is located.

Agency 6


Create brand awareness from creation of the company.


Find a tone and voice of the brand.

Create content that spoke to the intended audience with little use of product.

Create campaigns for upcoming product release.


Found a voice and tone of the brand that spoke to the end consumer. 

Produced stunning product photos for use on the website and promotional purposes.

Produced video content on upcoming products that displayed how to properly use the equipment.

Found ambassadors who helped market the product through their own social media channels.

Played a key role in website development, focusing on user interface.

Successfully increased overall conversion rates.


Phase 5 WSI


Increase engagement on all social media channels and increase website conversion rates.


Promote company visions.

Create content that highlighted the products precision and quality.

Play key role in product release campaigns.

Provide website management.


Doubled the following on the companies Instagram through engaging product campaigns and giveaways.


Created a new trend in giveaways for the industry. 

Produced stunning product photos to showcase products more efficiently on website.

Produced routine video content for new and existing products to drive increase Youtube following and overall customer retention.

Traveled to trade shows acting as a face of the company promoting new products and the message of the brand.

Played a key role in website development, focusing on user interface.

Increase in overall traffic to the website.

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